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Apental Calc

March 15, 2023
8.45 MB
Android 5.0 & Up

Free Download Apental Calc FB Auto Liker APK (Latest Version) v9.30 For Android. If you want any real Facebook liker online application or any auto liker app to download for your Android, then you have chosen the best site to download. So guys our website sharing FB auto liker (Apental Calc) APK for free download for your mobile phones.

Different Auto Liker Apps

There are a lot of Facebook auto-liker apps such as Apentel Calc, Machine Liker, 4G Liker, HD Liker, DJ Liker, and much more but today I will give you the best Facebook auto-liker app (software) that is Apental Calc for Android devices. Your needed FB auto liker software (Apental Calc) in APK format for Android mobiles and tablets from the end of this article by clicking on the provided free download link.

Apental Is Best FB Liker

Now here latest version of the Facebook photo auto liker (Apental Calc) android application kit or APK is totally free. Which is used by many people around the world for increasing their likes on Facebook photos. The sharing app Apental is the best and original auto-liker for Facebook customers. Because by using these apps or APKs you can increase your Facebook photo likes within a few moments.

This Facebook auto-liker application is now released for Android users to free download with the latest and most attractive features. So, download Facebook auto-liker Apental APK for your mobile and tablet from apk packages and enjoy its auto-liking features for free.

Apental Calc App Details

Apental Calc is one of the original Facebook Auto Favorites apps or software that gives you full access to get automatic likes on your Facebook photos, videos, and posts. In its latest version, its developers have added a lot of cool features that make it more attractive and convenient. This app has been published and was created just to speed up your Facebook likes. The app supports many Android models and brands such as Samsung, HTC, Google, ZTE, and others.

Apental Calc app support

It also supports all the latest operating systems of Android which makes it the most sought-after, most downloaded, and most installed auto-like app for tablets for Android phones and tablets. In addition, the Apental Calc app is one of the simplest auto-liking apps that always gives great results in the form of automatic likes. Therefore, I would recommend downloading the FB Photo Preferences app from this site.

Main Features

  1. Support many Android models and brands.
  2. Less time for auto liking to take the app.
  3. Easy to use and real auto-choice application.
  4. The download is free for all web users.
  5. Auto-like on Facebook photos, posts, and videos.
  6. Support many Android operating systems.
  7. Less RAM usage.
  8. Like a Facebook friend’s photos and videos.
  9. Efficient and fast software.
  10. Give unlimited likes to photos. A smaller app so reduces storage usage.

How to use Apental Calc?

If you are a new Android user (beginner) and you want to know how to use the Apental Calc app then read this step-by-step guide. / Will be able to use Apental Calc.

  1. First, download the file from this site and install it on your Android mobile phone.
  2. After installing, launch the Apental Calc app and log in with your Facebook account.
  3. When you’re logged in, tap on any of your Facebook photos where you want to add favorites and you’ll see this screenshot.

Now, click the [View image] button on the image you want to increase the auto-likes on. After clicking the “View Photo Button”, this screenshot will appear on your Android device.

Final words

Finally, you’ll need to tap on the “Favorites on” button and you’ll start getting automatic likes on your photo in seconds. This app only works online and requires an internet connection to work properly. Therefore, before using this app, you must have a good mobile network or internet connection. It only works on FB photos and is unable to give likes on Instagram. This is a mobile application that cannot work on a PC or computer.